Fast Jet Ski

Ride a fast jet ski in one of our circuits (1.5 km). Full power jet skis can reach speeds up to 90 km and are a breath taking experience.


Full Power Jet Ski Rental

Rent one of our jet skis for 10, 20 or 50 minutes on the beach of Mogan, Taurito or Playa del Ingles. You can ride the jet ski in our specially build circuits in front of the beach. The jet ski circuit is about 1.5 kilometres long and consists of for yellow bouys. The circuit is supervised by our proffesional and licensed staff so you will be safe at any time. Jet skis are easy and fun to ride for young and old. 

To ride a jet ski in our circuit you do not need a boating or driving licence, jet skis can be riden alone from 16 years and onwards. Persons from 16 to 18 need their parents or tutor to give written permission together with a valid ID of the authorizing person.


How does it work?

When you arrive on the beach or in our water sports centre you will have to show your reservation and you will be given an armband so the staff can easely recognize what you have bought in the water. You will then get a safety briefing and we will explain you how to operate a jet ski properly.

You will then be directed towards the water where a jet ski or a banana boat will transport you towards your jet ski wich is already in the water waiting for you. When given your jet ski our instructors will explain you briefly again how to operate you jet ski. The time only starts running when you are inside the circuit

When finished the instructors will make a foto documentary of you that you can watch later on the beach. We will then bring you back towards the shore. The pictures can be bought on a USB stick so you can show your experience back home.


Fast Jet Ski Rental Includes

• A fast jet Ski for 10, 20 or 50 minutes
• Safety briefing
• Life Jackets
• Insurance
• Free Lockers to keep your things safe
• Optional photographic report



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