Aviso Legal

This company has liability insurance and all of the boats and jet skis also have travelers insurance according to Royal Decree 259/2002.

The Jet skis do not have full coverage insurance, so everyone is informed of all the safety measures and standards of the company to avoid possible accidents.

If a customer has an accident through breaking the rules and security measures that the company enforces, it is the customer that should pay for the damage.

Once hired rental services of any of the activities, the customer has no right to a refund of the amount paid if canceling due to personal reasons since the reservation has already been made, but you do have the right to communicate and exchange it for another activity or for another day.

When the activity is not performed due to meteorological cause, or by mechanical causes, it is possible to carry out the activities at another beach where the weather permits it, if this is not possible either on another beach, the customer is entitled to paid refund, justifying this cause by certification of the company that the customer should demand.