Crazy UFO

The crazy ufo has become our number one selling activity. This couch like flying saucer is pulled by a jet ski will give you the ride of your life.

Crazy Ufo

This inflatable object has the distinct shape of a doughnut like flying saucer. The crazy ufo has become our number one activity the last couple of years on the beach. The crazy ufo is suitable for all ages since you can go nice and smoothly or super fast. The Cazy ufo will give you the impression of G forces pulling on your body whilst flying over the waves. You will not fall in the water during the ride and the ufo is a very safe activity.

Due to its high speed action the crazy ufo is the most popular activty on the beach. 8 Minutes may seem short but when poeple finsh they always say that it was more then enough!

What does it include

  • 8 minutes on the crazy ufo.
  • LifeJackets
  • Safety instruction
  • Free lockers to keep your belongings safe
  • lots of adreneline