Parasailing is safe and can be enjoyed by all age groups, no prior experience is needed. Discover Gran Canaria from the air


Mogan, Taurito & Playa del Ingles

Experience the peace and quietness a 150 metres in the air wilst enjoying the impressive views of the island. We can fly up to 3 persons and this activity is recommended for everyone even children from 5 years in the company of their parents. During your flight we will take pictures of you that can be bought in the excursion centre or on the beach when you are finished.


So how does it work?

The days of taking of from the beach running behind a speed boat are long gone. You will take off from the specially designed parasailing boat and you will land back into the boat if you do not want you do not even get wet. We have 200 metres of line that we completely winch out each flight and depending on the angle, wind and sea conditions you will experience heights upto 150 metres in the air.

Parasailing can be done by everyone no prior experience is needed nor any phisical effort from your part is requiered. Parasailing is very safe and our boats are equiped with the latest safety standards and technologies. All of our captains are fully licensed and have years of experience.


Parasailing includes

• 200 meters of cable completely winched out
• Insurance
• Safety instructions
• Life jackets
• Free lockers to keep your things safe
• Optional USB stick with pictures